Wildlife Management of Montana Outdoor Cannabis Grows

Wildlife Management of Montana Outdoor Cannabis Grows

Managing pests in your grow can be a challenge. Larger pests like rodents, deer, and bear can seriously impact an unsecured Montana outdoor grow. Rats and mice are everywhere and are a known and manageable pest in almost every agricultural industry. But here in Montana, where we enjoy so much public land, the population densities of deer, elk, and other ungulates, as they relate to the human population, are drastically higher in this state as compared to other medical and recreational legalized states. Despite deer being common throughout much of the state, the rise in the demand for both industrial hemp and medical cannabis is resulting in increased construction of outdoor seasonal cannabis grows. But are deer even targeting cannabis as a feedstock? Actually, your plants are safer the closer they get to harvest. Once the flowers mature and the terpenes begin to collect in the plant, the deer are detracted to the odor and taste of the organic solvents in the plant. The deer, along with bears, are more likely to target your crop as soon as it sprouts, but it is possible for deer and elk to target your crop through cultivation; they’re deer.

The question is: what to do? Although permanent fencing can be a great option around a large-scale year-round field, running a smaller farming location in an area where feasible smaller temporary electric fence around a specific area might be the better option in some scenarios.

If you want to learn more about wildlife management techniques and specific methods to secure your grow or garden from deer and other grazing animals, you can read about them here.

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