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The Department Of Revenue recently had a hearing on its new proposed rules for all marijuana providers in the state of Montana. These new rules among other things would drastically remove the ability of cannabis businesses to communicate to the general public and differentiate themselves from each other. These new rules will be if unchanged unduly burdensome upon the marijuana industry and the small business that operates in that space.

Planet-3 has prepared a letter to the Department and your local legislator so that you to can help in the prevention of the destruction of our marijuana industry and small business. Please feel free to modify and change the letter however you see fit. Yellow areas are to be modified by you, and a link to find your local rep can be found here. Please send this to the DOR representative Todd Olson and your local Rep. Contact us for assistance, and keep fighting the good fight!

Letter Of Opposition | Change Pertaining to Marijuana Provider Limitations on Advertising


Follow the button, modify and submit via email or mail the letter of opposition to the Department of Revenue Cannabis Control Division, Todd Olson. SUBMIT YOUR LETTER BY AUGUST 23, 2021!