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Researching the right equipment for the right job, such as different equipment for specific techniques like simple distillation, can be a time-intensive task because finding the right information can be difficult. For distillation, if you are making a concentrate using a solvent, the recovery of that solvent is not only required by law but is important in reducing overhead costs and improving product quality. The use of a closed-loop system that can perform basic simple distillation is crucial but there are multiple ways to distill that solvent from your product. Whether you use a basic still with a condenser and collection bulb or a rotary evaporator, there are vital parts of these systems that will determine equipment longevity, the scale of production, production replicability, and power efficiency. Even the type of glassware used on and around your system is important. Many systems manufactured overseas will use standard silica glass but using low expansion borosilicate glass will allow your glassware to last longer and withstand larger temperature ranges without becoming compromised.






Hydration Systems

Ventilation/Humidity/Temp control systems

Grow table/wastewater regeneration systems

Sensor packages

Lighting systems

Master Control System


Liquid Solvent Extraction Baths

CO2 Supercritical Extraction Systems

Rosin Press Extraction Systems

Sift Tumblers


Rotary Evaporators

Traditional Short Path Evaporators

Wiped Film Evaporators

Modified Short Path Distillation Evaporation


Winterization Equipment

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Dryer

Column Chromatography Equipment

Master Control System

Packaging Equipment

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