With a core team of experts in Product Development, Research, Digital Marketing, Innovation, and more, Planet-3 is dedicated to assisting providers as they navigate through the unpredictability of having a startup or small business. Let us know how we can help you!


Whether it’s planning an indoor grow from the ground up to making additions to your extraction facility, we work with a network of architects, engineers, and scientists to achieve the exact environment you need from your facility. We can help you dial in your critical variables and make your business environment more efficient and productive.

Grow Facility

Creating the ideal environment for indoor cultivation is a challenging prospect. We work with industry leaders to bring the best in HVAC to lighting to make your facility more efficient and productive.

Extraction Facility Planning

Planning a facility that can meet your processing needs, utilizing the right equipment and making sure it is compliant with all health and safety laws is one of our specialties.


Due to Montana laws, there are huge logistical stresses forced on vertically-integrated companies. We can fill many of those gaps from finding the right equipment to formulate your end product to filling the role of a traditional compliance officer.

Product Formulation and Development

Creating the best possible end product is crucial for business success. Our team of professionals can assist you in finding the best end product formulation for your clients.

Compliance Management

Complying with all state and municipal laws can be a daunting task on top of managing your business. We can assist in many aspects of compliance management from document drafting to inspection preparation.

Equipment Sourcing

Finding the right equipment from growing to processing to packaging is essential to building out a robust professional facility.


You need branding that matches your vision for your product. Whether you’re just starting or accelerating your brand, our strategies and design can set your product apart. Your website is the online representation of your brand. We can help you inform and retain your patients/clients while maintaining your compliance.

Branding, Logos, Product Design

Let your customers see your company the way you see it with a professional look and aesthetic. From your overall brand to individual product labels and design we can help build your brand with original professional feel and style.

Website Support and Content Creation

We can help you put your best foot forward for your business by having an engaging professional website that complies with Montana law and producing content that represents your business and brands.


We specialize in bringing Montana business into the future whether it’s with engaging original branding and design or with utilizing groundbreaking science and techniques to improve your product and efficiency. We stay up to date on both the cutting edge of cultivation and cannabinoid extraction science to shoring up your company against legislative pitfalls. From the front-end to the back-end let our team can build out your company’s environment.



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Is the Corona Virus Impacting your Cannabis Business Practices?

2020 has already been a tumultuous year. With elections just around the corner, and political tensions high, we have already experienced a lot in a short amount of time. In Montana, we have had a boom in cannabis businesses and our industry has been ramping up for untethering and even a possible recreational market. But