Portfolio category: Product Formulation

Hemp Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Research and Development

Early in 2019, the Planet-3 team conducted multiple tests to determine if we could construct and form hemp bioplastic and biodegradable plastic using hemp to strengthen pre-existing polymers and reduce the amount of plastic required.

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Hemp Growing Project

In late 2018, the Planet 3 team managed and grew hemp in an indoor closed-loop system in order for research and development purposes into growing nutrients and soil substrate. The purpose of the test was to: See if the cultivation of cannabis in hemp fiber was an alternative to coconut fiber. To see the difference in cannabis cultivation in retted hemp fiber and un retted hemp fiber and Compare Canna’s A and B NPK nutrient to our experimental hemp-derived NPK. The total program was 3 months long and involved daily qualitative data gathering on everything from environmental controls like lux, humidity, temp, barometric pressure, Air CFM and velocity over the growing unit.

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